“Taekwondo has done so much for me. I have always enjoyed martial arts but learning it perfecting it and doing things you thought were not possible is what I love. Every class I learn something new that I remember and add to my growing knowledge about this amazing martial art. Taekwondo has changed the way I look at things and it will always be a part of me.” — Jaden C.

"My two boys love going to martial arts with Master Han. They have gained more flexibility, confidence and focus. Master Han is a wonderful teacher, caring, encouraging, and with a sense of humor, while taking the boys to the next level. The kids respect him, and he them." — Linda H.

"Han Martial Arts has become like a second home to me and I have made many really good friends. I consider Master Han a mentor, role model and friend. I have learned when to be silly and not to be silly, when to focus and how to have patience. Being a black belt will be a new beginning that all of my training as a color belt has prepared me for. I would like to become a Tae Kwon Do instructor and teach kids the way Master Han taught me." — X'Avier W.

"As a parent of Master Han's student, I can vouch for the positive and nurturing (yet serious and focused) environment he provides for students of all levels to learn the skills of  Taekwondo.  He creates the perfect tone in class to promote self-confidence, strength, social intereaction and responsibility and the value of having fun while you exercise. I could not recommend him more highly." — Samantha G.

"I am both a parent and student at Han Martial Arts. It is a very special, unique place that fosters physical and mental growth, regardless of skill or ability. As a student, Master Han is the driving force that sets the tone for everyone and the glue that holds us together. He, along with the other masters, train, mentor and guide the students to provide a unique learning experience. Being also a parent, the family atmosphere has helped us feel at home and become more involved in the program." — Veronique R.

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Q: What kinds of martial arts do you teach? 
A: Our studio focuses primarily on Korean taekwondo, supplemented with judo, and yongmudo/hapkido techniques. 

Q: Is martial arts safe for children? 
A: We require a certified instructor to be on the mat at all times to ensure that students are using the proper techniques and equipment. Many parents report that their children sustain fewer injuries (if any) from martial arts than from many other group sports. Also, we teach students the importance of respect and avoiding physical confrontations.

Q: How long does it take to get a black belt? 
A: It depends on the dedication, effort and abilities of the student. Most adults that attend regular classes are able to earn their black belt in 3-4 years, while it may take children a bit longer.